26 AUG, 2021
New integration: Zapier.
The integration allows transmitting the Abandoned Cart, Checkout Initiated, and Order Completed events to any checkout recovery software (email, SMS, messengers, etc.) via Zapier.

5 AUG, 2021
Checkify now supports automatic discounts.
Configure them either for the checkout page only or set them up both in Shopify and Checkify admin panels (this way your customers will also see the discount in the cart).
19 JUL, 2021
New integration: Facebook Pixel.
Upon numerous requests of our users, we've added Pixel integration for Facebook Ads along with Conversions API.
6 JUL, 2021
Introducing Google Pay, Apple Pay and Microsoft Pay!
Any user who has connected Stripe to their account can now activate instant checkout options — Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay.
11 JUN, 2021
Enabling domain customization.
Now you can add your store's domain so that your checkout link looks native to your store. Use a subdomain like "pay" or "checkout" that will appear before your store's address.
28 APR, 2021
We've integrated all of the top-performing social networks.
These include TikTok Pixel, Snap Pixel, Pinterest Tag, Twitter website tag, and Taboola. We also have the Facebook Conversions API integration.
23 APR, 2021
More languages for your chekout.
You can automatically translate your checkout & Thank You pages to any of these 70+ languages. You are also able to manually customize the wording in any language (including English). So, even if your language is not on the list, you can always translate the checkout manually.
25 FEB, 2021
Checkify now has an integration with Klaviyo!
Klaviyo allows you to create advanced email funnels, offers detailed metrics on their performance, and provides an intuitive drag-n-drop emails editor. It is also one of the top solutions to recover cart (checkout) abandonment.
30 DEC, 2020
We've added cash on delivery payment option.
You can now add it to your checkout page and even charge an additional fee for using this payment method. Use either percentage or a fixed fee to stimulate online payments.
30 NOV, 2020
Beta is here!
We are conducting real-life beta-testing for Checkify 1.0 in order to improve our product and provide a better user experience. A demo store is available here. You can register your account here. Once you are ready to connect, visit our Help Center and read the instruction attentively. Every detail is important!
Make sure your customers complete the purchase — create a trusted checkout on your store's domain, add inducement, motivators, and countdown.
Select the traffic platform that works for you. Checkify sends checkout events to Google, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Taboola and Outbrain.
Custom forms
Get even more power and ownership of the checkout page with customizable shipping address forms: add or remove fields as you wish and target them on the specific geo.
Connect Checkify checkout and accept Stripe and PayPal payments without the Shopify platform's extra fees.
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